Aside of a few professional musicians and singers used for a special live touch, wang inc. is Bartolomeo Sailer. He works since 1999 as a composer for images. The studio is small but versatile, and gives the chance to reduce costs. A well calibrated monitoring system gives full control over the sonic creation. All the rest is stored on his MacPro, always updated to the latest sounds and music novelties.
Wang inc. has worked for a variety of clients, producing music for advertisement, installations, short films, video catalogs and much more.
Rapidity and precision are the best quality of wang inc. whit a special aim for customer care.

Bartolomeo, besides his day work as wang inc., is also a well known electronic musician that has ben recognised in all the world. Here you can find his discography as wang inc. Since 2011 Bartolomeo calls himself walking mountains. He also collaborates whit well known video artists and does, for fun, the music for the videos of the Toilet Paper magazine.