Wang inc. is Bartolomeo Sailer.
He published on Sonig, Thrill Jockey, Bip-hop, and among others. Wang Inc. is active since the late 90'. Now he runs with BXP the label Random Numbers. His latest works are Mediterrano on Random Numbers and Limbo vol.1 on Rizosfera with singer NicoNote. During decades of experimentation, he has developed a unique style of radical improvisation with drum machines and synths. This improvisation workflow is performed every week on his youtube channel.

Despite my first 12” on Mouse on Mars Sonig was 25 years ago.
Despite my last solo 12” came out 5 days before lockdown.
Despite I’m class 1971.
Despite I’m an orphan now.
Despite I co-own a record label called Random Numbers.
Despite the fact that I learned to improvise in the biggest techno club in Italy called Cocoricò.
Despite I’m divorced with a child.
Despite all the oddds.
I still love to do live, weird, techno on my machines.